What’s new

More mixes added

New mixes have been added:

  • A20
  • A20 Plus
  • A3

And the missing nonstop mixes in DDR Solo Bass have been added

Link to a specific beat in a chart

If you are on a desktop computer, you can now link to a specific beat in a chart. When you run your mouse over the chart, you will see a small link button

print preview of a step chart

clicking it will create a url that goes directly to that beat. For example, here are the famous "Afronova steps" in Afronova.

Printer friendly step charts

The step charts are now printer friendly. Just print the page like you normally would, and you should find the chart fits nicely on the page.

Most songs can fit on two pages, with really fast songs taking four or more pages. The print out should look something like this:

print preview of a step chart

If you see something weird, please let me know by clicking "report an issue" up at the top.

Banner fixes

Some banners for 5th mix, Max, Max2 and Extreme were incorrect. They have now been fixed.

All songs page

The all songs page is now live! It's a good way to explore songs. I will keep improving this page, adding things like sort by crossovers, spins, difficulty, etc. This page is a big reason I made this site, I want to find cool songs I didn't know about.